Shiny Side dot net is an outlet for car enthusiasts to enjoy lots of large photographs of antique, classic, rare, and unique cars whether they are daily drivers or in showroom condition. We won’t publish old manufacturer photos, scanned out of date calendars, photoshopped jalopies, or photos of cars surrounded by a gazillion fans at your local car auction. Shinyside.net is dedicated to seeking out cars, meeting them up close and personal, and then photographing them ad nauseum. Shinyside IS large photographs of cars documented from chin spoiler to tailpipe.

If you want your car to look good in photographs, always keep it shiny side up.

Ian D. Merritt

Ian grew up 85% in rural Vermont, 11% in suburban Vermont, and 4% in southern Minnesota/upperwestsideNYC/rural Connecticut. In high school, Ian really liked early 80′s CJ7′s and by the late 90′s he was addicted to all Subaru’s. This of course doesn’t make him the perfect expert of Porsche 356’s but it does mean that he is the most competent winter driver you know. Hands down.
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