2013 Ford Focus Electric

With alternative fuel cars being all the rage these days, Ford has really stepped up it’s game with an electric version of their mid sized compact hatchback, the Focus. With it’s ASton inspired grille and Rally tested hatch shape, the all electric Focus adds one more trim to the stacked Focus lineup. It’s a tough call from where I sit… Focus ST or Focus Electric? They both look great. Depending on what I’m in the mood for, I might have to buy both.

With it’s ‘catfish’ front end and euro taillights, the Focus is an eye catcher on the road. Since Ford replaced the dull and aged looking Focus in 2012, I have seen dozens on the road in both the sedan and hatch. It’s selling like hotcakes because the design has a sense of style and because it’s young, classy, hip, and funky all at the same time. Does buying this car make you stand out from the rest of your friends? Probably not as your friends know better. But buying this car makes you stand out in the middle of a parking lot full of strangers. It’a fine looking indeed.

And it’s electric… How could you not love it? Hatch Heaven indeed.

About Ian Merritt

Ian D. Merritt is a commercial, editorial, and automotive photographer and journalist living in Chicago.
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2 Responses to 2013 Ford Focus Electric

  1. Wayne Gerdes says:

    Ian, you took some beautiful shots of that Focus Electric for an overly bright sunny day. My Point and Shoot shots turned out like $#%#)(& :-D

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