1931 Ford Model ‘A’ Roadster

Actually, this vehicle is a 1931 indented firewall twin side mount Model A Roadster. But who’s splitting hairs? um… The Ford collectors, that’s who. Because the Model A is the ultimate assembly line vehicle, it was offered in four different 2 door trims and 1 four door trim. All of the A’s shared the same wheelbase and drivetrain which survived all four years of production of the A, a cast iron 4 cylinder L-head engine complete with an up draft carburetor.

I always love a car that relies on gravity to draw the gasoline into the engine. I actually miss the smell of a good carburetor. I grew up giving the car a little gas when starting it. I miss the idea that you could flood the engine without really trying too hard.

There are four things about this Ford that I really find admirable.

1. It’s close to 95% completely stock and at the very least period appropriate. It’s been used in many movies and commercials because of it’s authenticity.

2. Adding to that authenticity is the original bill of sale. Quick collapsable top! 40 hp! Shock absorbers! Shatterproof windshield! $611.00 final sale price! Amazing…

3. Dear Mr. Rumble Seat, you (along with WWII) are responsible for the crumbling and ultimate implosion of certain Middle-American morals and ethics. For that, I thank you.

4. It’s not a hot rod. Don’t get me wrong, I flipping love hot rods, rat rods, moded model A’s, and dragging beasts that shoot flames. i just liked the fact that this one is just exactly what it says it is.

This was my first time riding in a pre-WWII American car and I was really impressed with what the Model A offered. As much as I would like to think that the driving experience has changed over the past 100 years but it really has stayed the same. Driving is still about feeling the wind in your hair, hearing the road under your tires, and keeping the car Shinyside up while having a good time getting from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’.

As usual, downloadable photos can be found here: Shiny Side Flickr

About Ian Merritt

Ian D. Merritt is a commercial, editorial, and automotive photographer and journalist living in Chicago.
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4 Responses to 1931 Ford Model ‘A’ Roadster

  1. Moe says:

    oh #3 you make me giggle :D

    nice find and pictures dude!

  2. Sara says:

    Ian, I couldn’t agree more about the carburetor!

  3. parvez says:

    I agree with you Moe Nice pictures great work ! Thanks

  4. J. Hugh Craft says:

    I had a 1929 Model A Coupe in the late 1950s and I can still hear the sound of the
    engine…topedo style muffler…retard the spark and hear her count. And, to see
    these great photographs of the 1931 is truly a great experience for an old time
    Model A owner.
    Thank you for great photographs.
    Hugh Craft

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