1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

This is a museum quality example of the 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. With the 250 GT, the Lusso stands for luxury (literal translation from Italian to English)… and by luxury I mean, supple quilted leather, copious amounts of supple quilted leather. This particular car was once owned by Reggie Jackson. Could you imagine owning Mr. October’s whip? As it turns out, Reggie is as great a clutch hitter as he is an awful automotive caretaker but who would have guessed from those wretched wire rimmed glasses and that awful porn star mustache? When the current owner bought this Ferrari from Mr. Jackson, said slugger promised that the car was in perfect working order. As if to spite the former owner and pinstriped hero, the car abruptly broke down as soon as the title was handed over… Dare I say it, ‘Never trust a clean up hitter’ (I promise to not make Yankees jokes on this site.).

By ’64 the 250 GT Lusso was the top of the line when it came to Ferrari’s 250s and it was the last 250 variant produced (ok, the 330 was a 250 but not named a 250…). Ferrari spared no expense when making this car truly special. Only 350 of these devils rolled off the line and all the stars of the 60′s owned one, guitar-god Eric Clapton, stoic Steve McQueen, and that drummer dude from the Lovin’ Spoonful (funny story actually…). Not only did the 250 spawn legions of race car fans but it spawned a number of car companies as well. A small tractor company got into the car business after owning a few versions of the Ferrari 250. That company? Lamborghini.

Accentuated by it’s full fenders and shortened tail end, the Lusso made a huge splash in the touring car world. This was a car that was designed to hug the asphalt through the curvy roads of the Amalfi Coast as well as the handle the endurance of the mountainous up and downs at Targa Florio. She’s pretty from almost every angle and can you beat the supple intricacy of that leather? The interior as a whole is an astonishing example of top of the line craftsmanship. Couple the beauty of the interior with the lightweight and powerful aluminum engine and you’re very close to the perfect car. Reggie Jackson used to own it? Sold.

The 250 GT Lusso was designed again by the great Pininfarina. There is such beauty in those lines from headlight to tailpipe, chin to bonnet. Downloadable photos can always be found here: Shiny Side Flickr

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