1959 BMW 507

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the BMW 507. It is one of 252 built in a 3 year production run. It is a masterpiece, it is a marvel, and most likely, you have never seen one in person before. It’s the car that almost dumped BMW into bankruptcy which would have surely kicked the now famous car company into obscurity. Could you imagine an automotive world today without the benchmark 3 series, the luxurious 5 and 7 series, and awe inspiring and way too overpowered 8 series? ‘Bimmers’ wouldn’t even be in the fan-boy lexicon. I mean, we might have never seen the 2002 for crying out loud. The mere thought drives me to the verge of tears.

It’s ok, I’m back.

Hand formed aluminum covers almost the entire outer shell of the frame which means that no two cars were the same off the production line which also goes a long way to explain the outrageous production cost (you know, the one that almost bankrupt them..). Because each car is different from the next, the removable hardtop that came with this specific one will not fit snug on any other 507 on the planet. That’s kind of a rad feeling. At last count only 202 of these beauties remain. Let’s keep that number as high as possible please.

This post is dedicated to all you Bimmer freeks out there. You know who you are (my high school friend Tom is one of them and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Mr. @m5manny is another). You kids enjoy. Hit me up in the comments please and if you are interested or know of any cars that need to be photographed, feel free to drop me an email at photo@shinyside.net.

Side Note: As you may have noticed, many of these early photographs of autos on this site are from the same collection. But it’s an amazing world class collection. And let’s be honest, who’s looking at the back ground… Downloadable photos can always be found here: Shiny Side Flickr

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  2. John Patric says:

    Truly one of the World’s most beautiful cars the 507′s proportions were beautifully balanced with an easy-to-erect soft-top. The detachable coupe-top blended perfectly into the cars’ profile and endowed it with an even more outstanding appearance. The Cock-pit had leather upholstery with a logical binnacle display and its engine-bay was neatly packaged and finely crafted.

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